For Tecno Wellpoint water is its main component, providing the solution when it presents itself as a problem.

The equipment, combined with the various solutions that the company is able to offer, it can be used wherever is necessary drainage of the ground and excavation.

Tecno Wellpoint, mindful of the need for the realization of a work implies, is able to offer complete service and support with its own equipment. From simple bailing with the hiring of wellpoint systems, to more complex systems and pumping water to get paid, ultimately, made safe with metal sheet piles.


We not just sell pump but we find appropriate solutions to all your needs, with customized offers in the pumping systems and dewatering solutions.


Our free consulting will be a good support to obtain appropriate solutions for your dewatering enquiry.


Our technician will assist pumps and pumping equipment in your yard to help you in the process of drainage.

Spare parts

We offer all spare parts for all kind of pumps and spare parts for all types of engines.


Repairs also subcontract of mechanical equipment, pumps and motors.


Sale of all accessories such as pipes, bends, hoses, iron and galvanized steel fittings, as well as the sale of electrical construction and electrical panels.

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Address: via linara 6, 82030 Limatola (BN)

Telephone:+39 0823.484059 & +39 0823.487236

Fax: +39 0823.482982

P. IVA: 01190620623




First Open Day: The company open house - April 14, 2013

15 July 2014

On the occasion of the 30 years of Group D'Angelo, Sunday, April 14, 2013 from 8:30 to 19:00, the company organizes its 1st Open Day.

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